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Declaration of Eligibility and
Application for WAFF Membership
National Amputee Football Associations Only

Ladies and Gentlemen of Sport,

This application is for National Associations only.

We invite your application for membership in the World Amputee Football Federation.

The requirements for Membership are detailed in Article 4 of our Statutes.

Please read those requirements then submit the following form.

For your application to be acted upon favorably, we will also need

   A copy of your statutes and regulations - which must contain a clause stipulating the restraints and obligations contained in Article 59 of the FIFA Statutes and Article 3 of the WAFF statutes, must be sent to: WAFF Membership

Please Note: A Membership fee of $250.00 USD is required of all Members Associations. The fee is due within 90-days of acceptance into WAFF, and annually thereafter.

Please provide the following infromation
Applicant's Name:

Applicant's Country

Applicant's Email Address:

I have read the WAFF Statutes
   Yes        No

Our Association agrees to conform at all times to the Statutes, Regulations and decisions of WAFF and its Confederations, and to observe the WAFF Laws of the Game.
   Yes        No

The Executive Officers of our Association were elected by the membership.
   Yes        No

The Executive Officers of our Association were named by our national sports authority.
   Yes        No

Our Association's facilities available for playing Federation Football include.
   Enclosed national quality stadium        Enclosed city or regional stadium
   Local fields with spectator seating        Local fields with no spectator seating

Our Association agrees to the other terms and conditions of Article 4.
   Yes        No

The name and e-mail address of the person responsible for conducting official correspondence with the WAFF and with the other associations are:

The names, e-mail addresses and title of your President, Secretary General, Chairman or other Chief Executive Officers are:

The name and e-mail address and title of your Public Information officer are:

Additional comments, questions or statements:

Two dialogue boxes will appear after you hit "Send" on his page. Click on "OK" and then "Send" Thank you.

If you have any problems sending this form, please Contact Us