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WAFF Holds First-Ever Virtual Congress
New Officers Certified, Decision on World Cup 2022 Host Postponed
A Motion to Expand the Executive Committee to Include All Regions Defeated

Some of the more than 30 delegates attending the first on-line Congress. Screen shot courtesy of Mateusz Widlak, Poland, and the WAFF.

More than 30 delegates from WAFF Member countries across 15 global times zones recently met to address Federation affairs and to certify new officers. The event was the first-ever such global meeting in Federation's history.

The Congress was originally scheduled as a traditional in-person to be held in Istanbul, Turkey. But the global pandemic caused the WAFF Executive Committee and Congress organizers to change plans in an abundance of caution and concern for delegate safety.

New Members Named to the WAFF Hall of Fame

In recognition of their leadership and outstanding contributions to our great sport Mr. Ademir Cruz de Almedia, Brazil, and Coach Rustam Kariyev, Uzbekistan, were unanimously approved as new members of the World Amputee Football Hall of Fame. Their photos and a brief look at their achievements are posted to the right.

Decision on a 2022 World Cup Coast Postponed

The Corona-19 virus pandemic is a constant in every day life. Under normal circumstances this Congress would have heard final presentations by bidders for the 2022 world Cup - in this case Krakow, Poland and Istanbul, Turkey. But uncertainty about the course of the pandemic, uncertainty about potential government funding contributions, and potential shortened preparation lead-time led both prospective hosts to express their concerns about committing to the 2022 date.

Congress delegates expressed an understanding and an acceptance of the concerns, and even discussed the possibility of postponing the next world Cup tournament until the pandemic passes.

A Motion to Expand the Executive Committee
to Include All Regions Defeated

In an organization recognizing five international regions - Asia, Africa, Europe, North/Central and South America - the outgoing officers represented only Europe and North/Central America. Of the newly elected officers only Ms. Celeste Tchiama, Angola, represents a non-European region. Noting that fact out-going President Richard Hofmann, USA, proposed that the Executive Committee be expanded to include a representative from each geographic region.

That proposal spurred the most lengthy debate of the Congress. One group of delegates fully supported the concept of broad representation. But another group held that such a proposal should not be considered by this Congress but should be left to the in-coming Executive Committee.

Dr. Eric Lamberg, President of the American Amputee Soccer Association, asked that the new Executive Committee commit to considering the proposal and to report on the entire membership regarding the result of their deliberations.

That commitment was given. Mr. Hofmann then withdrew his proposal.

Officers Certified

Congress delegates unanimously approved the new slate of officers, all of whom ran unopposed. Photos of the new Executive Committee members and their offices can be seen below.

Mr. Arif Umit Uzturk

Ms. Celeste Tchiama, Angola
1st Vice President

Mr. Mateusz Widlak
2nd Vice Preisdent
Mr. Simon Baker
Resigned April 2021. The Office of Secretary General is vacant.
Mr. Owen Coyle
Mr. Ian Clarke
Chief Referee
Cruz, Kariyev Named to WAFF Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Member Ademir Cruz de Almedia, Brazil
Sr. Cruz' achievements include:
He was a founder of International
       Amputee Football
A former President of the World Amputee
       Football Federation
Long Time President of
       Brazilian Amputee Football
Captain of the Brazilian National
       Amputee Football team.
Led Brazil to the European Championships in
       1999, and World Cup Gold Medals in 2000,
       2001, and 2005.
Ademir finished his outstanding career leading
       Brazil to a Bronze Medal in the 2018 San Juan
       de los Lagos World Cup.

Hall of Fame Coach Rustam Kariyev

From not placing in the top 6 in the 2005 World Cup, Coach Kariyev took his team to three consecutive World Cup championships in 2007, 2010, and 2012.

His nomination included the key statement: "He is the only coach in the history of our game to achieve that feat and deserves to be recognized for it."

Women can now compete on your own teams for the fun of it, for local, regional and national competition; or elite competition up to and including your own World Cup.

Women Hope For A League
of Your Own

But Tournament Play Has Been Postponed
Because of COVID-19

Women have been playing amputee soccer on the same pitch with the men since the game's very first day in 1982. Women have excelled at the at the local, national and elite World Cup level in what's called the fastest one-legged game in the world.

But women wanted a league of their own. And they won it.

The American Amputee Soccer Association and the World Amputee Football Federation - the sport's global governing body - welcomed the idea and are encouraging the creation of all-women's teams -- and your own World Cup.

The USA, Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Philippines have kicked their women's programs into gear. More are expected.

Sarah Glowa, Director of
USA Women's Program Development

First Women's Tournament

The first Women's Amputee Soccer Tournament was scheduled for erlier this year. But COVID-19 got in the way. Plans for restarting the effort remain on hold until the health and safety of the players, coaching staff and spectators can be assured.

Women have been competing at the elite level since the first days of the sport. Here, USA's Bronyn Creed vs. El Salvador - 1987 World Cup.

But we understand women all around the world are practicing on their own for the moment they can step back on the pitch as part of a team.

What's the Appeal?

Sarah Glowa, Director of Women's Program Development for American Women's Amputee Soccer, said "Many in the amputee community wonder what they'll be able to do in their new configuration. And there's no doubt that the success of the FIFA Women's World Cup has brought a lot of attention to the women's game.

"Now women in the amputee community have a chance to get out and play the game on their own terms."

"Women can get out, play the game, have some fun, have the opportunity to work up a good sweat again. And they can to excel to the world-class elite level if they choose to.

"And the game is not limited to amputees. Women with birth anomalies are also welcome in our game."

Ms. Glowa is a former collegiate women's soccer stand-out at the State University of New York at Oneonta. She was named New York State Section II Class A Player of the Year in 2010. She's also a practicing prosthetist.

Prospective players, coaches, organizers and administrators, also please see the full Laws of the Game.
Upcoming Events!

CANAFL 2020/2021

Barely hours to go for the first ever Cameroon National Amputee Football League, the likes of Abakwa Boys AFC, Terminators AFC, ADPP AFC, Nkamanyi AFC and Doves AFC have made their way into the country's political capital ahead of the league.

In the first match the Doves AFC of Douala welcome Abakwa Boys AFC of Bamenda.

In the Second Match Nkamanyi AFC of Kumba meet ADPP AFC of Douala.

To conclude, Doves AFC will come again to battle it with Yaounde based club Terminators AFC.

The rest of the matches will continue on Monday October 26th, 2020

Elsewhere league play also continues in Poland, with many of the matches presented live on FaceBook. But otherwise all international and league play has stopped because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

She may qualify for the international game when she turns 16. Photo courtesy of Maciej Gillert, Poland.

Before COVID Team Haiti prepared to meet other women's teams
in tournament play.

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30 April 2021